Are you looking for a good way of making money or maybe even thinking of setting up a business with no risk?

If the answer is yes, then look no further! Forget the stock exchange, forget about investment funds, forget about adventuring into risky businesses and invest in a business home! Homes that are making money, business homes with which you will never lose out or cease to receive an income! The holiday industry in Spain has always been strong but more so in the Balearic Islands where business is booming, where private holiday homes are being demanded more than ever before by holidaymakers as an alternative to choosing and staying in expensive and impersonal hotels, making this an excellent and highly profitable and safe business that thousands of homeowners are benefiting from.

Villa Invest unlike other real estate agents on the market only offer “business homes” for sale, villas that currently being let legally by the week to travelers worldwide looking to spend family holidays. All of the properties offered on our site are generating a profit converting these in a safe and profitable business to invest in from day one.

As a property owner, you decide how many weeks and which months of the year you want to let the house for; 2, 9 or 16 weeks; you decide if you want to get maximum return, or maybe just cover annual running costs! Whatever you decide to do, the decision will always be yours.

One of the great advantages as a possible holiday home investor is that all of the properties up for sale are at your disposal to rent for a week or more, thus allowing you to try the property out before buying it, experiment what it´s like living in the area, discover the neighborhood, test drive the house and ultimately know the condition beforehand of what you are buying.