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Maf calibration hp tuners

Looking into getting HP tuners so I can do more then just the V6 engines I can do now with my power tuner but wanting to know if I can do the same things with HP tuners as I do with DHP especially things like shutting down VATS for engine swaps so there is no need for VAT's modules or body computers with newer engines on swaps like the 3900 or the eco techs. read the pdf. HPT VCM Suite includes a hardware interface which connects between the car's data link connector (DLC) and your PC. The need for the re-calibration is due to the fact that the MAF flow table resides in the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and your MAF and that table need to match. ' This is a list of currently available free VersaTuner tunes for 2009-2012 (2nd gen) Mazda RX-8. With a correctly calibrated oversize meter, reflashing the computer usually isn't required Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HP Tuners 6021 Pro VCM Suite - GM at Amazon. 5" tubing. Over the past couple of years GM has changed their coding from what most had become accustomed to with LS1'ssome of their changes have been for the better(MAF limits moved upwards for many 08' models) and others for the worse(IFR table limited to 63. 18. Cos5 help after loading tune car wont start without maf plugged in But with a smooth hose in place of the maf the car wont crank until the maf fails. The HP Tuners VCM Suite is an editor and scan tool in one. While running the engine, use the HP Tuners Scanner software to monitor the engine vitals such as oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, temperatures, etc. When working on your own beast, remember to break the new valve-train in properly according to the manufacturer's specs. 8 = 332 hp at the crank. All HP tuners this is Our thread. Setup a reasonable base calibration for MAF sensor. If a k04 flows enough air for 270, that would put you off the end of the meter if you maxed out that turbocharger. JustDSM, Dec 17, 2019 #5239. Would it make a difference that I'm using a LQ4 MAF sensor. HP Tuners MPVI GM Professional Interface 6021 With the Pro interface, you can integrate 0-5v signals from various sensors such as EGT, Wide Band, fuel pressure and others right into the scanner. One last question. I just wanted to toot my own horn because I was extremely intimidated by HP Tuners when I first got it. Name it MAF AFR Error, Value high 20, Value Mid 0, Value Low 20, give the high and low a color of your choice. I just heard on another board, someone said that all Ford MAF's are calibrated the sameand that the injector calibration is in the MAF Transfer Curves Posted: 2013-10-31 Last Updated: 2019-01-20 MAF Flow Transfer Select your MAF in the following drop down menu, the MAF curve's listed are based on published data and are displayed in kg/hr flows for direct copying and pasting into your tuning software. A stock timing map adjusted for mods is always a good place to start. A11. Fig III. That leaves more room for strictly tuning information. I e-mailed Procharger tech support to get internal dimensions for the intercooler, but never got a response. Connect > Read > Edit > Write > Drive. bootmod3 calibrates the factory vehicle modules over the OBD port with tuning on the car in 3 minutes and done in the convenience of your driveway or with a BMW tuner shop of your choosing! The MAF table is scaled for the correct amount of airflow that the MAF is now seeing, due to the location being changed to the blow through tuning structure. While it may seem outdated, the chip has one major advantage over the handheld tuners: access to multiple tunes at the flick of a switch rather than having to spend several minutes flashing to a new tune. All these tunes can be flashed both with VersaTuner Lite and the full version. Anyone that has HP Tuners needs to visit there if they don't already. Anyone have any examples of a stage II Procharger MAF table that has worked well? I am just curious if I am heading in the right direction. Every tune is calibrated using HP Tuners software. We are constantly working on expanding our support and have recently added the Toyota Tundra to our supported vehicle list! For those of you that have not heard of HP Tuners we provide vehicle calibration solutions for the Hp Tuners For Beginners my 2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS – using HP Tuners software. dwell time, etc)as is to Also known as MAF delete harness or IAT breakout harness, this harness is for use with vehicles eliminating the LS3/LS7 style MAF sensor. So I was wonder if some can post what pid's to setup in the scanner, but I guess it is to difficult to do. Topics covered in the GM Beginner's Guide DVD include: EFI tuning basics Fuel injector tables Mass airflow, (MAF) sensor calibration training Volumetric efficiency, (VE) table tuning How to use popular tuning software like HP Tuners. but the ECU has no idea it is there. The software is fully unlocked and loaded with all the tools you need to properly calibrate any modifications you have done to your vehicle. then perhaps you have heard of the dreaded torque management. While there are some. Discussion in '2nd Gen. Enjoy. Equipped with enhanced features like Bluetooth®, Proprietary Expansion Port, and Mobile Device Support, the powerful MPVI2 makes it faster and easier to read, edit, and write your vehicle’s software. HP Tuners MPVI GM Professional Interface 6021 Free Shipping. 58" tubing isn't readily available I ran the calibration file without modification to see how it would run on the 3. Over time, dust and grit builds up on the filaments, which decreases sensor accuracy and leads to a rich combustion. This MAF table has a great deal of time spent in placement, to make sure it was getting the "cleanest" signal, as well has having plenty of range for those doing higher HP applications. Home. MAF Calibration Tutorial This tutorial can be followed for both the Gen 1 MS3 , Gen 2 MS3 , and also the MS6 . Leaks in the air induction system or intake manifold can cause the MAF sensor to produce false readings, so can faulty wiring. Advanced SCT Datalogging . Track Addict can also stream live data to the HP Tuners Live Telemetry website where it can be viewed by To obtain the latest electronic controller calibration information for your vehicle, enter the vehicle's 17 character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and select 'Get CAL ID'. This is a discussion on Cam Change with MAF Calibration within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Question came up this afternoon between me and a co-worker. 0. 4 MAF Fusion Features: Import CSV Data for the MAF sensor calibration curves, Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) The IAC valve GM uses for most of their engines is a stepper motor actuated valve. Build the ultimate tune for your B58 engine and go from stock to full race calibration with a quick map flash using your laptop or our mobile app. Jun 18, 2012 · I've read the ecmtuning wikis on sd install etc, but from my understanding of it I won't be able to use the stock maf for the sd calibration tool because it doesn't use iat. ABOUT THE TUNING SCHOOL GM LEVEL 1 COURSE Ford has about 10 "calibration CODES" per "base MAF curve". _____ Luckily the Tundra maf sensor has numbers 1-5 right on it which confirmed my diagrams. sometimes 50 cranks to fo it which will kill a battery. It all has to do with heat and mass transfer. Is it that simple to just switch from 3 to 5 or do I need to do other stuff to make it all work? OBDII Dealer Kit: The OBDII Dealer Kit is available to professional tuners for resale to their customer. I am swapping out my 85mm PMAS slot style sensor with a new 95mm PMAS slot style sensor, I asked for a 36lb calibration but just noticed PMAS calibrated the sensor for 42's. To get access to the beta you should email HP Tuners tech support email and they will add it to your customer area so that you can download it. Both of us have some tuning experience, he tuned his LS1 swapped BMW, and I have motorcycle tuning experience. 1 -> AEM 30-(03×0,2340,5130)” along the lefthand side in the PID list and in the graph bottom right (second line in green). In the forum you will find an informative tech area, a place for Member’s journals, Vendors with special Members pricing, and monthly contests. I have a wideband but do not have the ability to install it myself right now. Once done, click the floppy icon to save. If you upgrade to a larger than stock MAF housing you will have to scale the entire maf curve before performing your MAF Calibrations as the larger cross section allows for more airflow with less cooling to the MAF resistors due to the The CAI messes up the MAF calibration (not VE), and that is what is throwing your LTFTs off. ECMLink provides enhanced logging functionality (MUCH faster than factory) and all the tuning tools you need to run any number of different configurations from bone stock cars on a stock MAF to 11-second road course beasts on speed density to 8-second drag cars running a GM MAF. While very simple, its vital to enter the correct data into our calibration file so at the most basic level the GM ecu can turn its calculated fuel mass into the MAF Sensor Info. Turn the key to Ignition On, but don’t start the car. The URD MAF Sensor Calibrator is basically the fuel control half of our very successful URD MAF/Timing Calibrator that URD included in our Supercharger Performance Upgrade Kits for years. A stepper motor is a device that moves a predetermined amount per electrical signal it receives by whatever device is controlling it. 8. LS1tuningguide. The first creates calibrations and the second is what you use to log data during the road or dyno testing you do to develop your tune or calibration. Understanding a mass air meter and why it so critical to have the correct meter curve in a tune. Enjoy! And if you see areas for improvement please let me know. Running a BOV or vented BPV can also result in a bad time on a MAF based car. If using a MAF sensor, gently clean its filaments with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Each App key is different per HPTuners box which has its own serial number. A Beginner's Course for Tuning GM Vehicles using HP Vehicle calibration software (EFILive, HP Tuners, SCT, etc. 120+ pages of pure tuning information. About swapping segments The Best Gas and Diesel Tuners, Tuning Software and Tuning Accessories. It is one of the largest book published by LaSota Racing. Highlight every cell in the table and  In this webinar we'll see how we can use a Wideband meter and the HP Tuners VCM Scanner software to optimise the MAF calibration in our 2006 GM LS2  For this webinar we'll be using the HP Tuners software on a VE Holden fitted with We need to calibrate the mass air flow sensor and we also need to calibrate  14 Jul 2017 One of the photos is courtesy of Carlrx7 from the HP Tuners forum. Apr 25, 2010 · HP Tuners positively kicks ass! Its 2 credits per car at 50 bucks a credit. Custom MAF calibration keyed to the specific vehicle, engine, and injector size is also available. Great video I just purchased hp pro tuner. You must, therefore, stick to what the specifications indicate. The first step in tuning your own Mustang with HP Tuners is to make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest beta release of the software. In the native HP Tuners file format, or by exporting the data to a comma separated file. This section assumes that you have you wideband connected (if equipped), calibrated in livelink to match your gauge, and you are familiar with datalogging using SCT products (Xcal2, Xcal3, Livewire, or raptor). May 20, 2011 · A friend of mine wrote this article. Take a look at the data HP Tuners GM Gen III part 6 takes a look at the first step in our tuning process; programming the fuel injector characterization data. It comes with: MPVI2 Pro Feature Set (learn more here) Pro Link (learn more here) Package the MPVI2 together with VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, which make up the essentials of VCM Suite, and you have HP Tuners Tutorials LSx Swaps HP Tuners Tutorials - Page 10 - The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. Mar 07, 2015 · The Ford Mustang is arguably the most popular vehicle for the do-it-yourself tuner. Starting with the 1988 California specification, and 1989 50-state versions, the Mustang has been equipped with a mass air, sequential EFI system. Setup a reasonable target air fuel while in open loop; Setup a reasonable timing map. slight differences between the E38 computer and earlier designs, most. My laptop crashed so l had gotten a different one and downloaded the files from hp tuners website. As you know The tuning software you have developed for our cars has been leaps and bounds, the track time's have came down with HP numbers on the rise, since its release and most recently the MAF fail fix that is now in HPT 2. Only turn off the SES light, DO NOT DISABLE THE CODES Units will default to Hz. A wideband O2 sensor is required for the tuning described in these procedures. system depends on the calibration of the units and look up tables in the ECU/DME their pros and cons and some tuners DiabloSport engineers combined their developments with their enthusiasm for performance to come out with a line of hand-held automotive tuners and chips for boosted performance and mileage gains. Good information here. ls1tuningguide. . 5 bar E38/E67 ECM's features HP TUNERS Water/Methanol Injection Kit (Multi-Input), MAF, MAP, 0-5V or IDC Based Injection Flow Water/Methanol Injection Kit (Boost Dependent) for Turbo Diesel Engines High-Flow Low-Current WMI Solenoid HP Tuners GM Gen IV Live Training: Yukon Part 1 goes through the basemap creation process in order to fire up this GMC Yukon to begin the live training Aug 15, 2017 · This forced us to start our tune from scratch and go to a completely VVE (Virtual VE) tune, which we performed using HP Tuners. Home » Flow Calculator; Looking for 500 horsepower to the rear wheels? How about 1000 horsepower at the crankshaft? You can determine what size fuel injectors you will need by entering a few simple details into our calculator. Track Addict is a HP Tuners smart phone app that allows users to record, view and analyze OBD2 vehicle data, GPS, g-force and record video using their smart phone connected to the MPVI2 via Bluetooth (for example, at a track day). Now enhancing these to new heights with a new feature rich VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, coupled together with the latest generation MPVI2, this is only tuning and diagnostic solution you’ll ever need for your modern OBDII vehicle. While I'm sure HP Tuners has a great product, we chose to purchase and use EFILive because at the time only EFILive offered real-time tuning (with Craig Moates RoadRunner emulator PCM). MAF Sep 04, 2015 · This would mean the 320 hp LH2 now puts out about 320 + 10/. At some point with high volumes of air and the how fast it is moving, the temp of the air will barely change making small changes on the hot wire. To: HP Tuners, From: All V6 Tuners. In some applications (specifically on GM vehicles), the MAF element is backfeed power when the vehicle is turned off to "burn-off" any contaminants on the MAF element. However, what do you do when you don't have the space? Well, you build what you need as far as the induction system goes and you recalibrate the MAF transfer curve using software such as that made by HP Tuners. Mar 24, 2019 · HP Tuners for 2005-2015. Is the other installments somewhere, was curious about the changes you made on the ford with the roush supercharger and how you were able to read the roush tune file with HP tuners. Over the years, fellow tuners have made files to help others setup tables in HP Tuners and they can be difficult to find. I've been reading the hell out of HP Tuners forum. Engine calibration can likely be ignored here since most people max these tables out anyway), like the AC Torque tables. ) Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC. There is a ton of tuning knowledge on there but, you better search before you ask or you'll get hammered or ignored. 67822 and a pe enrichment ratio of 1. Tuning School Home Study Course vs. I'd get with someone that really knows cams (i. Your upper limits will be between 15 and 20 ohms, depending on the ECU’s calibration. Both AFR and spark have multiple modifier tables that are referenced against ECT or IAT, so it's good to know both temps are in a 'healthy' range, and not introducing more problems indirectly by altering your fueling or timing. You may find an Ohm Ranger or small value potentiometer helpful here. The more resistance, the more offset. The Edelbrock Mass Air Flow Sensor Kit. Open the HPTuners Editor by clicking the Wrench icon on the desktop of the laptop. New tunes are regularly added based on demand. Now flash (write calibration only) this tune (MAF-1) to your truck Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning Instructions with a Wideband O2 Sensor Create by 69lt1bird – Jeff Anderson 1 These instructions are written for the beginner and intermediate user of HP Tuners software. Thanks for the replys guys. Products. In this webinar we’ll discuss how we can do this in the HP Tuners software on a GM platform. Any time we make changes to the intake system, airbox or MAF sensor itself, this may require the MAF calibration to be corrected in order to ensure that the MAF is reporting the correct values. Is my assumption correct? After looking around for transfer functions for the stock MAF for an AEB motor and being unable to find anything concrete, the closest thing I found on audizine was that the meter is good for "about 240 to 250 hp". 2 Liter) Aluminum Hemi headed engine, as amazing as this might sound, today this same displacement and very similar looking hemi headed engines are making over 10,000 hp! Learn how to properly tune your GM EFI-equipped vehicle by calibration engineer and author, Greg Banish. The URD maf calibrator adds a programmable translator in the middle. As microprocessor speeds and power increased over the years, DiabloSport added new capacities to automotive tuners that went beyond the basics. Calibrated Success Instructional DVD Engine - Drivetrain with HP Tuners Software and MAF and VE Tuning were very useful. how to use hp tuners to adjust a base map tune. MAF Tuning – In Work 1. For example, if you have nitrous on www. Transcript - Hey guys, Andre from High Performance Academy here and this time we're going to be looking at some techniques for calibrating a mass air flow sensor, particularly important if HP Tuners, the home of VCM Suite and the MPVI since 2003. Stock mass air flow sensors are high quality pieces, but with increased air flow processed by the engine, an aftermarket mass air flow sensor becomes a necessary modification in order to safely make more power; As with most sensors on the Mustang, the MAF sends information to the computer as a voltage reading with a maximum value of five volts. NEW! The Coyote Cookbook - for HP Tuners Software: The Coyote Cookbook is the only advanced tuning resource for 2011-2015 Ford V6 and V8 Mustangs and other vehicles with the Coyote engine. Default colors are white. (There is an argument for not touching MAF tables if your LT trim tables read ~+4% correction across the board: Welcome to E10 World. always speed density. HP TUNERS LS1 PCM STARTUP FLASH SERVICE We can tune your PCM using the HP Tuners system for: Speedometer Calibration; Change MAF to Speed Density MAP-based Tuning for this can be a little time consuming, and you should have a working knowledge of your car, tuning, HP Tuners hardware/software, etc before even attempting to do this. Like our other books, it is a pure tuning guide, using HP Tuners tuning hardware and the basics of navigating/configuring HP Tuners software are skipped. Dec 06, 2011 · Personally, I would not toss an OEM cam underneath a new set of heads, intake, and MAF. This is because the air escaping has already been measured by the MAF sensor. com can not be held responsible or liable for damage caused to your vehicle or various engine and transmission computers as well as personal computers. Oct 18, 2013 · I'd grab an 85mm vz maf if you want to go down that path, I got one on ebay for $50 including the vz maf pipe which is much better than the crappy vt-vy pipe. They do have a 3 BAR SD upgrade you can buy into for huge HP. Future updates of the Pro Feature Set will follow with stand alone Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Sensors and Inputs Guide includes instructional photos, checklists, and step-by-step instructions on upgrading to the GM Gen III LS-Series PCM, ECM, Electronics, and POWERTRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS Sep 23, 2013 · The Trifecta tune is popular and is the only tune that I have read mentioned on this forum to date. For the $100 for the credits I was thinking it might be worth it to learn more and do it Hello Everyone, I am part of the Marketing team at HP Tuners. Do this after the VE table has been corrected. Shop for DiabloSport's Best-in-Class Ford, Dodge, & GM performance upgrades for gas & diesel vehicles. Bully Dog BDX added. File Connect -This will ping the vehicle you’ve connected your cable to to attempt to 8 hours ago · Oh yea, I bought HP Tuners to tune my 04 GTO Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning Observations From Scanning My 5. This is the same mass air flow sensor used in the LPE 600 hp and 725 hp 2005 -2009 C6 Corvette twin turbocharged engine packages. Overall length is approximately 35 inches. a tuning guide i found based on hptuners. We use the latest tuning software from EFI Live and HP tuners to dial your vehicle in so it has a steady idle, crisp throttle response, and yields greater power and torque across the entire RPM range. Any info and recommendations on where t To correct this, you would then go to the HP Tuners Editor and open up the MAF Calibration table labelled Airflow vs. The ECU determines a specific amount of fuel to inject based on the expectation of this air being present. Torque calculations are more important for the automatic crowd, which opens a whole new world of scaling requirements for the transmission. The stock mass air flow calibration is correct +-4% as long as nothing in the intake tract has been modified. So I really don't want to go online with it. HP Tuners is built on a foundation of giving tuners the tools needed to do that The URD MAF Sensor Calibrator and your tuning will tie all of your performance modifications together, unleashing all the power available from them. Just think, in the 1980's Top Fuel dragsters made 2500 hp using a 500 cubic inch ( 8. Ed Curtis), fill out his combo sheet, and have him select the cam that will maximize your combo. This is a discussion on a tuning guide i found based on hptuners within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; PCM Tuning Process Flow 1. Realspeed does a complete 38 point MAF Transfer calibration mapping, not just full throttle like some other tuners; SCT tuning software Certified Tuner. The intake also had an effect on the intake sound, and the exhaust sound. When the car is running you will see a value – at 5,106rpm C700 was at 12. It lays out information in a very easy to read display with all of the parameters that we need to look into. com is independently owned and operated and has no affiliation to HP Tuners, LLC. To sum things up, if you're happy with the lifespan and performance of your vehicle's mass airflow sensor and throttle body assembly, you won't go wrong with our replacement OE-style units - many of which provide improvements over factory parts you'd pay more for at a dealership. I have posted them here, on my site, and I will add more as they become available for you to use for free. Low. x to 14. Our biggest announcement this year has been the release of our MPVI2 interface along with Once the wideband is successfully set up in the HP Tuners VCM Scanner, you will see “MPVI. ) 2: Disable the SES lights for MAF codes P0101, P0102, P0103 (No check engine light. In this webinar we’ll see how we can use a Wideband meter and the HP Tuners VCM Scanner software to optimise the MAF calibration in our 2006 GM LS2 engine. </p HP Tuners MPVI2 and Pro Feature Set with Pro Link This package gives you the latest in HP Tuners technology. In order to avoid this, we would have had to fabricate the MAF sensor tube and place the nozzles further upstream from the MAF sensor – but due to time constraints we could not perform this in the time we had available. For any other length requirement, simply contact us after submitting your order and we will build the harness to your length requirement. Dec 24, 2018 · wrote this based on a combination of very reliable and experienced sources and put it all in order. It breaks out the IAT sensor. The MPVI2 module, combined with an HP Tuners VCM Editor and Scanner, make up the essentials of the VCM Suite packages—giving you one of the most powerful scanning, diagnostic, logging, and calibration performance tools on the market to ensure that you capture everything. High table references 5,800 through 12,200 Hz (which you'll modify for WOT operation). Experiment with MAF tables as you see the resulting trim tables change with changes you make across the MAF calibration table until you get to a point of reasonably close to 0% correction in all LT trim cells. It's a very informative read. 5 lb/hr & Fan temp turn ons start at 192*F) what we've tried to do is take the best of what GM offered & improve on them :chug: I really appreciate your help and your posts. Plus many other GM vehicles that use the frequency type MAF sensors This MAF sensor is recommended for supercharged, turbocharged and other high output engine applications. Save this tune with the changes above as MAF-1 or something OTHER THAN your current tune. If sensor came with a calibration sheet, this would be great time to use it. The MAF calibrator is sort of a hack to trick the ECU. Similar data for Tune 6B at max hp for that run. The techs MUST get the electronics and MAF body PAIR to within a SMALL tolerance over the WHOLE range. Meant for HP Tuners shops, but also for the hard-core hobbyist! Overall gas mileage I'm not certain what it may be at this point because I enjoy so much keeping it between first and fourth gear! If I had to guess the HP rating of the engine at this point (solely based on comparing similar vehicle characteristic) it's between 360-380 HP. e. Nov 19, 2015 · If you change your cold air intake, install a supercharger or anything that effects the location of the MAF, a calibration is required! Unlike many other models of cars the GM systems use BOTH Speed Density and MAF as a blended system. Jan 18, 2013 · All it does is change the calibration of the MAF sensor itself then have to adjust the MAF calibration in the ECU to match it. So we invested several thousand dollars into EFILive and have not yet had a reason to use HP Tuners. Not to mention full support for HP Tuners' latest rendition of Track Addict, whether you frequent the drag strip, circuit, autocross or off-road the MPVI2 has the fastest scanning, logging and data transmission rates to ensure you capture everything. If this air is vented, the car will run rich. Pistons and internals SCT's Big Air MAF Meters feature OEM quality calibration for factory level drivability, repeated accuracy, and reliability. So HP Tuners Pro Feature Set Updates We are excited to announce that the Pro Feature Set is scheduled to be released December 2018! At the initial launch, Pro Feature Set will give you the ability to use Pro Link, and Expander Hub. x range. 1 HP Tuners Tutorials LSx Swaps HP Tuners Tutorials - Page 10 - The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This document and the associated downloadable files are meant as an aid to assist you in diagnosing how your Air/Fuel (AF) mixture delivery is performing, and how to use Autotap and a MAF Translator to adjust various parameters. Jun 15, 2016 · This is hardware that has the ability to pull the factory calibration from the ECM/TCM in order to be edited, and then flashed back into the ECM/TCM. Gen3 ecm w L31 & Hp tuners: but it was a lot of the engine calibration section) into the Fbody tune, but left the Fbody coil tables (i. 11:1 air/fuel ratio. ) Do not completely disable the codes or the PCM will not fall into SD mode. 1 HPTUNERS SCANNER STARTUP GUIDE Open up your editor & just scroll through your top tool bar to look over all of the features offered. GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Tuning Software and Equipment includes instructional photos, checklists, and step-by-step instructions on upgrading to the GM Gen III LS-Series PCM, ECM, Electronics, and POWERTRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS Pros: Before handheld tuners came to the market, there was the tried and true SCT 4-Bank Eliminator Chip. I found a 3 to 5 wire conversion plug. Since 3. Meant for HP Tuners shops, but also for the hard-core hobbyist! 1: Unplug MAF (Replace with strait bellows if you do not have intentions of ever using a MAF again ie. We take a step by step approach introducing more concepts and techniques with each video to illustrate not only how the GM ecu works, but how to read live data and make accurate changes. Tacomas then you can put stock in your MAF Calibration needing tweaking. The HP Tuners VCM Suite is designed specifically for the home enthusiast. Freq. Like the MAP sensor, if a trouble code sets for a MAF sensor error, some things must first be checked before replacing the sensor. The product is easy to use and has many powerful features usually found in custom tuning shop software. 137? When I had a dyno tune it was set to the standard 14. Ford is notorious for using the exact same MAF element on many different models of their vehicles. First, a quick lesson in why this issue exists and then the explanation Dec 15, 2014 · GM EFI Tuning for Beginners Posted on December 15, 2014 by Scott Parker in Columns , The Science of Speed with Scott Parker // 1 Comment If you’ve been around the GM EFI scene, whether it is perusing the messageboards, races, car shows, etc. com. This table references the Mass Air Flow frequencies from 1,000 to 5,800 Hz, while the Airflow vs. Him and myself have both measured Tundra intakes at 3. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 TO THE CONTINENTAL US. You got into the tuning process and that's really nice and useful but at the first glance I need some help on how to be able to find these maps. 7. So with hp tuners should not the stoich afr be set to 14. Looki I am in the process of refining the MAF calibration via HP tuners. IMO, no need to fail the MAF and tune VE in this case. Certain criteria determines the blend point. You will also get the most consistency when tuning by leaving your MAF sensor stock, unported, with the screen intact. If the MAF meter, air lid, air intake, or air filter has been modified than the MAF Airflow vs. HP Tuners Pro Feature Set Updates We are excited to announce that the Pro Feature Set is scheduled to be released December 2018! At the initial launch, Pro Feature Set will give you the ability to use Pro Link, and Expander Hub. Use the information on this website at your own risk, LS1tuningguide. Certified at their highest “Calibrator” level through SCT’s Advanced Dealer Training Program. Then, Ford puts that *calibration code* on the MAF. I am not going to put the stupid disclaimer up that says do this at your own risk. HP Tuners puts the power of flash tuning your GM Gen III vehicle into your hands. Ford refers to its PCM as an EEC, or electronic engine control. You need the adaptor and a copy paste of the maf table in the tune (calibration is different), but for me it worked out cheaper than buying a new mafless pipe and works just as well. Support and security is no longer available for it. Cam Change with MAF Calibration. Sep 12, 2014 · I'm using a toshiba laptop with hp tuners running on windows XP. 9. It has been years in development. Basic MAF calibration is covered in my first "GM Tuning Beginners Guide"  6 Apr 2007 Now scale the VCM Editor>Edit>Engine>Airflow>MAF Calibration>MAF Airflow vs. Then, an EEC with the SAME calibration code is used for that MAF. However, it seems as if there are newbies having the same frustrations trying to get it figured out, and experts who are way above my head, and not a lot of in-between. So, without having any WB scans is there anything I can do that will help? My mod list is below in my May 31, 2014 · All MAF Elements are basically the same design. Thanks to @Roostfactor for the Tundra maf calibration file. Most modern MAF sensors also contain an IAT sensor. 58" id. Ive done lots of boosted cars still running MAF and 700 whp is pretty easy to do without maxing the MAF. ) Scan tool data can be saved in two ways. Jul 23, 2004 · I've always understood that all MAF's were calibrated to injector size. MAF basics Some basic info about MAF and MAF transfer curves. I also need to enter the 30pt transfer function into the Pro-M software, the transfer function PMAS gave me is a 37pt. The fuel trims kicked up to around 10% each, which is another indication the MAF is now getting more air in than it expected. Figure III. HP Tuners 1-2. With HP Tuners, you can click on the torque axis of a table HP Tuners GM Gen IV training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the software. i went from 195/65/15 to 205/50/15. 3 Silverado W/hp Tuners Engine section, and then go to Fuel, and then Cutoff, DFCO in the calibration sensor along with our trusty HP Tuners VCM Suite to get the data we needed. We are constantly working on expanding our support and have recently added Toyota to our supported vehicle list! For those of you that have not heard of HP Tuners we provide vehicle calibration solutions for the professional tuner State of the art technology gives ECS a substantial edge. It comes with 6 credits in it i think. So that if you want to swap your fuel injectors, you also have to swap your MAF. 8 Jul 2011 MAF Calibration Steps: 1) Go into your editor. Speed Density vs MAF IGOTASTi is an online forum and community for all Subaru WRX STi enthusiasts. from initial checks, setting up a MAF table, scaling a MAF, dialing in a VE table from scratch, ignition and AFR optimization, to transients. The following is intended to help professional tuners get SST equipped cars to MAF calibration: Fueling can be used as a guide to determine MAF adjustment. com Sep 01, 2017 · Completed my 1st Tune for a Stock LS1, A4 1998 Camaro SS. A monkey could tune if he could read this and had some practice. Ideally, you need to hook your PCV inlet back up to the intake, in front of the MAF, so it can meter the air that flows through the crank case and back into the intake manifold. The ECU has an internal calibration curve for the MAF output that translates frequency/voltage to a mass airflow number. I have access to a buddies HP Tuners software suite, and am debating tuning my truck with it. With that said, has anyone had HP Tuners installed in their GS yet? I am interested in the gains and feedback after the tune was installed. The maf histogram is the only giving me problems. The "MPVI" comes in two versions standard and "Pro" . Frequency table will need modification. Hptuners result showing max calculated HP for conditions for 6F. So, I have HP Tuners and have made a couple of changes so far such as my gear ratio and removed TM (I'm an A4). My truck has a 3 wire MAF sensor, there seems to be more performance MAF's out there in the 5 wire type. If you can't find a suitable tune, you can contact a professional tuner or an e-tuner working with VersaTuner. In AZ all we have is E10 unless you run race gas or E85. The BA2600 90mm MAF Meter supports 400rwhp to 625rwhp with centrifugal blowers and 400rwhp to 700rwhp with Roots style blowers. A. Future updates of the Pro Feature Set will follow with stand alone Jul 22, 2013 · I know there is an HP Tuners forum, and I have posted there. The CAL Wizard and DiabloSport CAL Files allow for quick change that can be duplicated from vehicle to vehicle. What it does, is it will basically just log the AFR in all of the RPM vs MAP cells, so you will have a histogram table that have a bunch of values in the 13. Posted the tune to HP Tuners - Tune Repository; for review and use as reference for those new to tuning a pretty much stock car, with nothing but "free mods". You also have to add the Mass Air Flow Hz to the chart display to make it work. Other truck and passenger car applications soon followed … Custom ECM/TCM calibration is the most effective way for your vehicle to gain power and responsiveness, while retaining drivability and economy. HP Tuners and EFI Live are the “big-two” so to speak, and there are a few up-and-comers entering the market but for the most part these are the brands that are the most widely used and can In today's world the most important tools for tuning are no longer found in your toolbox. ) Oct 07, 2019 · When it comes down to it, solid knowledge of the software and how to properly manipulate the calibration is key. Apr 05, 2011 · In this engine tech article HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC tunes the LS2 engine in our 2005 Pontiac GTO project car with the SCT Performance X3 handheld tuner to show how you can make the most of your Apr 05, 2011 · In this engine tech article HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC tunes the LS2 engine in our 2005 Pontiac GTO project car with the SCT Performance X3 handheld tuner to show how you can make the most of your LTFT / O2 Analysis & Tuning Guide Purpose. Nowadays, oversize MAF sensors are available from Pro-M, Granatelli Racing, and other sources that are compatible with Ford engines and computers. The 2001+ style maf's have a fairly different flow curve and PACE therefore modifies their maf to match more closely what your stock PCM is expecting. Do not overwrite your current saved tune! - very important as you will want to cut and paste the tuned MAF table back into this tune once all is done. Beil This is a very interesting series, while it was posted a long time ago I see you have updated it recently. HP Tuners puts the power of flash tuning your GM Gen IV vehicle into your hands. Make sure your in open loop and disable all the stuff for tuning VE. Output Frequency table positive to get the LTFT's back to  28 Oct 2019 How-To: HP Tuners SD Virtual VE Setup and Tuning is why if you modify it, move it, make it bigger, etc, you will need to calibrate the MAF. FREE SHIPPING FOR PREDATOR 2, INTUNE 3, AND TRINITY 2 Hello Everyone, I am part of the Marketing team at HP Tuners. Once you've modified the Diagnostics, you're ready to start the engine. We're talking about a LOT of lost HP when you run a cam that doesn't suit your build. I am also assuming you have your wideband installed and hooked up to HP Tuners pro. Sep 25, 2015 · Again, the AFR is commanded flat from 4000-6800 RPM so I am calibrating the MAF to drive the blue line flat across the graph (ignoring the noise in the line). Stay Up to Date on HP Tuners Hello Everyone, There has been a lot going on here at HP Tuners over the past couple of months and I would like to create this quick update post to keep everyone informed. Application: GM Gen 4 V8 with the E40 pcm & I4 based vehicles with the E12 PCM should also be able to use this guide for the most part. A good starting point is about 10 ohms. CMR uses an easy to understand graphic user interface populated with useful functions, such as DiabloSport’s Calibration Wizard creates CAL files for popular bolt-on mods for 1996-2010 Mustangs, such as Injectors and MAF sensors. Notice I didn’t say 10K ohms. i went to wild weasel's how to page and came up with this: Welcome to LS1 Tuning Guide. Hopefully you’ve already worked out your idle & set your ifr table. ok so i have hp tuners and i just bought new set of tires for my car. In summary, good that the MAF calibration changes drove a more consistent The graph above is 'Street Dyno' with the addition of temperatures, which often are an indicator of hardware issues. The kit includes everything needed to read and program the OBDII PCMs so your customer can program his PCM with your calibration files without the need to ship PCMs back and forth for reprogramming. It takes very little resistance to accomplish the job. It will then prompt you to enter your 35 digit Application key which we will email you. To obtain the Calibration Verification Number (CVN) for any calibration part number, enter the part number of the calibration ID and select 'Get CVN. I don't use HP-Tuners (I dont tune GM cars), ECUTEK (it's too expensive for me at the moment) and COBB system ( I think it is used for porsche but not sure). 1 below is a chart display from the HP Tuners data collection scan tool. Check out our starter guide here. Bosch Maf VS Pierburg Maf using on ALH. I don't see a problem using the intake I have with the stock maf still there just unplugged until I get another intake. We take pride when tuning, and do not use any copy and paste, generic methods. Under Airflow tab, open the MAF Correction "BASE" table. maf calibration hp tuners