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Svxlink macros

conf sits in /usr/local/etc/svxlink/. P SvxLink look for configuration files in a number of places. Within a single thread, the first mail note is the START of the thread; the notes following that are in the chronological order of when they were received. Allgemein werden bei SvxLink Macros durch Voranstellen des DTMF-Digit’s „D“ eingeleitet, z. This covers many different topics along my personal discovery which started with AX. Voici ce que vous obtiendrez au lancement de SVXLink: Si vous avez des messages d’erreurs, vérifier que vous avez bien déclarer les GPIOs et que vous avez connecté deux cartes sons sur le Raspberry Pi. conf \- Configuration file for the SvxLink server . If you use this website without changing the cookie settings or click "Accept", you agree to this. rpm 2012-12-21 03:48 8. SvxLink. When SVXLink has been installed, it's configuration needs to be changed to match the interface used etc. tcl events. conf manpage. You will need to have a decent understanding of the Linux command line and file system, how SVXLink it’s self works and is configured, as well as understanding of the PHP programming language. 12-2. g. 0 di php , che include varie nuove importanti caratteristiche, come il supporto per i namespace, il late binding, un più consistente arrotondamento numerico, così come numerosi miglioramenti delle prestazioni. Yes, and maybe it also could be a interesting way to link multiple repeaters together. 2 Her hentes svxlink DEB filen Og her har SoftwareCenteret fået fat i den. 10-1. > Integrating SvxLink with Asterisk may be a good way to quickly get > support for multiple other communications systems. src. Examples of modules are: Help -- A help Т. For example if the macro 5 have been defined to connect to the *ECHOTEST* node only D5# have to be pressed instead of 2#9999#. Kernprogramm und sogenannten Logiken, die beliebig kombinierbar sind. Wir benötigen für alle Varianten zb. 9. There are also several blog posts here on these echoes under the tag Long Delayed Echoes, including reports of short MDEs (medium delayed echoes/ magnetospherically ducted echoes). fc18. I contenuti di questo blog vengono forniti solo a scopo divulgativo. Für SvxLink könnten solche Funktionen ebenfalls leicht realisiert werden. A macros section is used to declare macros that can be used by a logic core. As you have mentioned and I have also seen , many people are working on this board , but not too many have attempted to submit patches up stream . rpm 2013-09-05 19:01 429M 2ping-2. <br /><br />Collegate una tastiera usb e un monitor hdmi al raspberry. Nu skal vi have lagt de forskellige filer ind på de rigtige steder, hvilket gøres med den fil der hedder: Den kopieres direkte ind med brug af Terminal. fc21. As superuser whilst logged in as [email protected] From command line in the following directory /etc/svxlink then using the following command sudo nano svxlink. CTRL X pour quitter et enregistrer. Last updated: 2019-11-20 10:58:20 Index of /os/loongnix/1. 10. academic/grace: Updated for version 5. Branches with changes this week ( from 02:26 Monday December 15 2003 UTC (week 50) Devido à configuração que você faz na estação o display do radio pode estar entre 14. conf: (Code, 283 lines) 73 de dzevad dh1aa This alone is not enough as SvxLink will now complain that the file SimplexLogicBisamberg is not found, which can be fixed by copying the following files: cd /usr/local/share/svxlink/ cp events. conf est à configurer , pas d'accès au directory Configuration file for MAISON – IN88GN SvxLink # # # #MACROS=Macros Le projet SvxLink fut créé en 2002 par Tobias SM0SVX. Since the audio hardware is identical on every unit, it is trivial to load the drivers and play mp3 files. You can check to see if the system is online by sending a DTMF star * and the system will respond with its status and the time. Cette page décrit le fonctionnement spécifique du mode relais , il faut activé une logique qui s’appelle RepeaterLogic , c’est une logique complète de relais , avec gestion des flux audio. com Blogger 35 1 25 Some time back there was discussion of being able to rollback yum updates via btrfs snapshotting. / drpms/ 17-May-2016 23:49 - repodata/ 17-May-2016 23:49 - 389-admin-1. 28 Oct 2019 Edit svxlink. List of all packages that have man pages in section 1, and any loose man page pages in the section that are not listed by package. fc11. Macros are actions on the node that are triggered when a certain command is received. Aug 19, 2015 · Home › Forums › Hardware › ERROR's help? This topic contains 8 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Aaron, N3MBH 4 years, 4 months ago. Le système est constitué d'un système central qui gère l'interface d'émetteur-récepteur. 03400=EchoLink:9999#. MACROS Point out a section that contains the macros that should be used by this logic  SEL5_DET, SEL5_DEC_TYPE sowie SEL5_TYPE konfiguriert werden. Les macros   18 Sie 2013 Dociągamy pliki dźwiękowe ze strony domowej projektu SVXLink NAME=TEST [Macros] 1=EchoLink:9999# 9=Parrot:0123456789# 18 Sep 2019 24 The svxlink. MACROS=Macros <—- on défini des Macros voir plus bas FX_GAIN_NORMAL=0 <—- on ajuste le son des balises et autres messages hors conversation FX_GAIN_LOW=-12 <—— sons des balises et autres messages pendant une conversation ONLINE_CMD= 25031964 <—— commande on/off DTMF pour activer , désactiver la logique Maas AMT-920-UV & Raspberry Pi2. 14-1. SvxLink is a general purpose voice services system, which when connected to a transceiver, can act as both an advanced repeater system and can also operate on a simplex channel. m-an Supondo que você já tem um cabo conectado à saída de áudio do seu rádio para a entrada de áudio da placa de som do seu PC, execute o seu MMTTY e vá ao menu "Option". d/SimplexLogic. Configuration file for the SvxLink server # MODULE_PATH=/usr/lib/svxlink [ Macros]. Fri, 03 Jan 2020 13:06:03 GMT academic/bcftools: Updated for version 1. Assegure que o painel de controle nos botões das macros, estejam selecionados a visualização do FFT e as opções de alcance do XY. TXT; Mon Sep 11 16:25:31 UTC 2017 PACKAGE NAME: CAFS_divergence-1. The name of the MACROS section can be chosen arbitrarilyas long as it match the MACROS configuration variable in the logic coreconfiguration section. Custom SVXLink Configuration Warning: This is an advanced topic. Complete summaries of the Gentoo Linux and Debian projects are available. Linking remote rx or tx to SvxLink works fine but linking two repeaters together is another point of interest to me. Il s’agit d’un système vocal flexible pour utilisation radio Описание и настройка SVXLINK Игорь UA6HJQ январь 2015г. D = Verkorte kies methode (macros') In de maand oktober 2005 is hard gewerkt om het SVXLINK systeem Nederlands te laten praten aan de zender zijde. Manuel d'utilisation du serveur SvxLink VE2RIG-R Node Echolink 39339 – 146. 1=EchoLink:9999#. fc16. PASSO 1: Preparando Raspberry para o Software SVXLINK sudo adduser -- disabled-password --uid 496 --gid 496 svxlink. Hier nun ein Beispiel: Selektivrufnr (z. 0. SvxLink look for configuration files in a number of places. 25 packet radio, then into HF digital modes, and most recently SDR and D*star technologies! R-qtl has been updated to 1. He discusses--well--Linux. ZVEI-1) SvxLink-Macro (DTMF). #devel - SvxLink Development Discussions #poll - A special kind of topic where users may answer multi choice polls #raspberry - Subjects related to Raspberry Pi SVXLINK. I am running version SvxLink 14. Major changes include revised plot. The amateur radio community has installed some Tetra repeaters in Vienna. 1. All commands to the system Check with your local node sysop which macros are setup. academic/bowtie2-legacy: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. See the  SvxLink is controlled by DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) signalling. 99 que é normal e você não deve se preocupar ve preocupar-nos, porque, como disse há o ajuste automático de frequência que ajusta o nosso VFO. Allgemeine Informationen zu SvxLink. Og her helt installeret. Morse code audio tones are first evaluated for audio quality without filtering, then a 2nd short test is done - but this 2019-09-02 - Martin Hauke <mardnh@gmx. RemoteTrx was designed for for exactly what it says, for feeding remote installations to a central repeater using the voting strategy in the RepeaterLogic, so whilst it worked, it was hungry on resources. 25 (+ new skip the navigation. NetworkManager-devel-1. 12-1. info. com/pub/packages/current Sign In Sign Up Manage this list 2019 December; November; October; September; August; July 0ad universe/games 0ad-data universe/games 0xffff universe/misc 2048-qt universe/misc 2ping universe/net 2vcard universe/utils 3270font universe/misc 389-admin universe/net 389-ad Bonjour à tous, Je me présente: Didier F1MXE, radio amateur depuis 1988 (ex fa1 et fc1) Je souhaite débuter en mode numérique (Il n'est jamais trop tard) pour l'instant je ne fais que de l'écoute avec l'entrée microphone du PC. This man-page describe the SvxLink server configuration file format. Spotnik existe actuellement sur orange pi zero et raspberry PI SvxLink est un logiciel sur linux crée par SM0SVX (Tobias) permettant d’utiliser un émetteur-récepteur VHF/UHF/4M/6M/10M FM comme Node ou Link (point d’accès radio). Essendo semplici appunti, frutto di prove e sperimentazione, caratterizzate dallo spirito radioamatoriale, non assicurano accuratezza o completezza informativa, sia dello stesso blog o trovate seguendo qualsiasi link presente all'interno delle pagine. [Macros]. Name Last modified Size Description; Parent Directory - SAASound-3. CEFSCONV(1) - convert a TeX document in SJIS encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form. 4 ReflectorLogic; 24. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Prinzipiell kann für jeder Logik ein eingener Macro-Bereich zugeordnet werden, so dass jede Logik verschiedene Macos beinhalten könnte. 103. Es besteht aus einem Haupt- bzw. Jeder Logik kann verschiedenen Modulen zugeordnet werden. Während dies bei SvxLink bereits in Teilen möglich ist, sieht app_rpt diese Möglichkeit noch nicht vor. As I recall, it turned out that the default btrfs install was not setup correctly to make this feasible (I had briefly tested it on my machine). Posts about Svxlink written by f5vmr. conf − Configuration file for the SvxLink server Point out a section that contains the macros that should be used by this logic core. PACKAGES. 2. Choose a unique style and build a discussion board for your community. Durante la competencia, las macros en la “Ventana de entrada” rara vez se usan directamente, pero principalmente a través del modo ENTER y ESM. By default, SVXLink related configuration files can be found from /etc/svxlink -directory, the main configuration file svxlink. D1234# Dec 21, 2015 · A macro is used to reduce the number of DTMF codes that have to be sent. 22. FreshPorts - new ports, applications. 880 MHz PL 100. 3 Overview One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is how everyone starts with the same piece of gear. {"bugs":[{"bugid":637298,"firstseen":"2017-11-13T04:56:28. Nun bin ich die Tage auf eine Software aufmerksam gemacht worden mit den Namen „SvxLink“. First it try to find a user specific configuration file. php Fedora 12 include la versione 5. 789616","severity":"normal","status":"CONFIRMED","summary":"dev-util\/cmake keywording ~m68k-mint"},{"bugid [Bug 401698] [hamradio] svxlink fails to compile on factory, bugzilla_noreply (01 July, 2008) [Bug 401600] virt-manager crashes when connecting to xen: Floating point exception, bugzilla_noreply (01 July, 2008) [Bug 405471] New: [feature-request] Lightweight virtualization / containers (OpenVZ), bugzilla_noreply (01 July, 2008) All Debian Packages in "stretch" Generated: Fri Dec 13 08:16:32 2019 UTC Copyright © 1997 - 2019 SPI Inc. Her ca halvt installeret. Aug 05, 2010 · During last semester I developed a set of scripts that lets me photograph pictures of the blackboards during my university courses, categorize them while I am taking them and automatically generate PDF document for each course week. de> - Update to version 19. 1 Description; 24. 05. Mar 13, 2013 · Life of RPi, using svxlink as Echolink node in RPi I’ve entered the proper statement in the macros section but don’t know how or where to create a module that Echolink (SvxLink) na Cubieboard Witam, Dziś będzie o tym w jaki sposób uruchomić Echolink na Linuksie - w naszym przypadku będzie to Cubieboard i Ubuntu , który już wcześniej przedstawiałem jak zainstalować. SvxLink Server Oct 09, 2019 · SVXServer developed by Adi Bier DL1HRC used the existing inbuilt logic of RemoteTrx within SVXLink. 10 MHz higher than the 60 day average for this exact same time of day. conf amend the existing script as per the listing below and save Feb 10, 2013 · No USB to serial converter needed! 21 Replies All model B-V2 (and model A) owners can set-up their svxlink system without the need of an external USB-2-serial converter. DESCRIPTION svxlink is a general purpose voice service system for ham radio use. Hello Tobias, hello groupmembers, This text was first ment to be send directly to Tobias, but since the mailing list / forum seems to be the only way to contact the SAASound-3. 24. Tietokoneeseen asennetaan linux-järjestelmä ja katsotaan, että koneessa on tarvittavat liitännät. Cada servicios d evoz se implementa como un complemento llamado módulo. fedoraproject. Voila comment customiser un Spotnik pour l'utiliser en mode relais ou en mode transpondeur. 1: Libraries and headers for adding NetworkManager support to applications: linux/x86_64: linux/armv7hl: linux/aarch64 SVXlink and hardware DTMF decoder. In general, SvxLink macros are initiated by placing the DTMF digit „D“ in front of them, e. 08, with all the recommended updates and fixes. 09 Highlights: * FSK metadata transmission for RF linked remote receivers * Per receiver voter delay adjustment * new module ModuleTrx to remote control transceivers using DTMF * more flexible announcement configuration Scratch control GPIO (use GPIO number not P1 pin number can support GPIO 28,29,30,31) support I²C 23017 8/16/32/64/128 GPIO, I²C TMP102 Temp sensor, I²C RTC DS1307, I²C ADC ADS1015, I²C PWM, I²C EEPROM 24c32, I²C BMP085 Barometric Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor, GPIO input/output, DC motor, Relay, I²C 16x16 LED matrix, I²C 24x16 Matrix, 84x48 pixels LCD, 16x2 character LCD, 20x4 Mar 14, 2018 · "Is the Pi 3 Model B+ the best inexpensive SBC I can buy to start learning about IoT?" I'd say yes, considering the amount of both hardware and software support for the Raspberry, plus the size of the community behind the product. Vérifiez avec votre sysop de noeud local quelles macros sont configurées. Configuration for Transponder or links Every logic start with this line:LOGICS=RepeaterLogic,IntercomLogic You find in svxlink. März 2012 (svxlink zu svxlink). 0 de php. 2-23. Everything you ever wanted to know about Linux from its early macro computing roots all the way up to the [] 95 min. PO-filer – icke internationaliserade paket [ Lokalanpassning ] [ Lista över språk ] [ Rankning ] [ POT-filer ] O Debian Internacional / Estatísticas centrais de traduções Debian / PO / Arquivos PO — Pacotes sem i18n Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor? netperfmeter: pdfproctools - PDF Processing Tools netperfmeter-plotting - Network Performance Meter (plotting program) Fingerprint: A7830CCABA4AFF02E50213FE8F32B4422F52107F Uid: Adrian Knoth Allow: a2jmidid (A62D2CFBD50B9B5BF360D54B159EB5C4EFC8774C), ardour Create a free forum online in less than one minute. qt. 2 Simplex Logic Section; 24. CELESTE_STANDALONE(1) - Cloud identification This document provides the release notes for Fedora 17. 3. academic/equalx: New maintainer, various fixes. June 7, 2019. SvxLink wurde von Tobias (SM0SVX) 2002 ins Leben gerufen und wird fortlaufend weiterentwickelt. Liste des macros sur F1SMF-L. slackonly. Liste des macros; Macro n° Catégorie : Technique RA - SVXLINK Page lue 1102 fois plus facilement SvxLink pour un système d’exploitation Linux. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total) Author Posts August 19, 2015 at 11:02 am #1302 milanhofmanUser hi, i just got my raspberry pi … Some of the features of the Linker IIa include the ability to control the entire configuration through DTMF, save and recall macros, CW automatic IDs, anti-kerchunker, and about 130 others. tcl Macros sind Aktionen auf dem Node, die beim Empfang eines bestimmten Kommandos ausgelöst werden. Enabling everything HAM radio on Centos Linux! This document is my journey into Linux-assisted HAM radio with Centos. On the hour, it will also announce the time in the 24hr clock. conf contains all the parameters by which SVXLink configures itself and interfaces etc. 21. rpm 21-Jan-2010 16:17 387227 389-admin-console-1. 9=Parrot:0123456789#. Ce document explique comment installer le logiciels SvxLink partie serveur de Tobias (SM0SVX) sur un PC embarqué fonctionnant avec une compact flash. Pour cela, demandez à votre Sysop de la rajouter dans la liste des macros, ( uniquement pour les Links, Réseaux, SvxLink le 9 janvier 2016 par jppiers. ein altes Notebook oder ein alten Pc, welches wir mit Linux (Debian, Ubuntu oder ähnlichen) installieren, dies ist zum ersten testen ganz Nett, jedoch für den längeren Betrieb ziehen wir aus Stromkostensicht einen Kleinrechner vor zb. . C'est le responsable du système qui peut définir ces macros. 2-14. Packages. 8, easier said then done which I found out, as it is a live OS, the dev libraries are not installed but where there is a will there is a way. # Replace the line, 'sudo svxlink' with the following sudo nano /etc/rc. Because physics equations are not the simplest things to input in to a laptop in realtime, I have developed the Packages from FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64 repository of FreeBSD 12 distribution. Aktion. rpm 14-Aug-2009 16:07 svxlink-serversvxlink server es un sistema de servicios de voz de propósito general para uso en radio amateur. mk (revision 422306) @@ -1,705 +1,713 @@ #-*- tab-width: 4; -*- # ex:ts=4 ghc-rpm-macros contiene le macro rpm usate nelle linee guida per il packaging di pacchetti Haskell. It is the node sysop that defines the macros. svxlink. local ----- echo "Starting SvxLink Repeater Controller at `date`" sudo screen -dmS "svxlink" svxlink echo "To view SVXLink activity, type 'el'" echo "- To exit, type '[CTRL-A] then d' to detach" echo "To view Wifi manager, type 'wifi'" exit 0 ----- 3. Check with your local node sysop which macros are setup. Because of the easy availability of these, let's say it was a Raspberry PI 2. So Files with Apache License headers will be marked AL Binary files (which do not require AL headers) will be marked B Compressed archives will be marked A Build fails, missing two macros that I guess we need to add to v4l_compat KEY_ONSCREEN_KEYBOARD MT_TOOL_PALM Comment 12 Vladimir Kondratyev 2018-05-30 21:10:39 UTC (In reply to Johannes Lundberg from comment #11 ) > Build fails Please look at "Depends on" header. About Debian; Getting Debian; Support; Developers' Corner News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions. plus facilement SvxLink pour un système d’exploitation Linux. The cookie settings on this website are set to "Allow cookies" for the best browsing experience. Documentation utilisateur du serveur SvxLink F5NLG N° de Node 224089 Actuellement en Test sur le R0 F1ZEE département 22 Cette documentation décrit comment utiliser le serveur SvxLink F5NLG-L via l'interface radio. 29-1. In part one, we installed Raspbian Jessie on an SD Card to install on a Raspbery PI. mk (revision 422305) +++ head/Mk/bsd. D1234# Nov 03, 2016 · This video demo's how morse code audio tones sound over EchoLink's server. rpm 2012-12-21 03:48 370M 389-admin-1. Je décris ci-dessous le fichier svxlink. php Fedora 12 ofrece la versión 5. 0-x86_64-1_slonly. i586. Installation de SVXLINK Mise en situation. News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions. conf . Nov 04, 2019 · Can anybody point me to a source of documentation for SVXlink that shows the default DTMF commands? I installed SXVlink and can't get it to do anything except parrot and then I can't quit parrot mode. Tako imenovane bližnjice na okenskih Echolink prehodih na Svxlink programu nadomeščajo makroji in se izvedejo po vnaprej izbrani kombinaciji DTMF znakov in jih aktiviramo z DTMF D “številka makroja” (S50EDX-L MACRO v spodnji tabeli). 08, on Ubuntu Gnome 14. These repeaters operate in the so called DMO mode, which is actually a operation mode for direct radio to radio and radio-repeater-radio communication. Non entro nel dettaglio su come fare, sul forum ufficiale e in rete si trova tanto materiale. TH SVXLINK. 2: Video DVD creation software #is the source package name; # #The fields below are the sum for all the binary packages generated by #that source package: # is the number of people who installed this CVS statistics 3977 commits by 75 developers resulted in 204417 lines added, and 80274 lines removed. Il s'agit d'un système 9999#. 0 Hz Pont Pierre Laporte - Québec Information générales sur le système Svxlink Le projet SvxLink fut créé en 2002 par Tobias SM0SVX. liste des macros. It describes major changes offered in the Beefy Miracle as compared to Fedora 16. tcl cp SimplexLogic. Demandez à votre sysop de le faire. ; Note: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. Preparate una scheda sd con l'ultimo sistema operativo raspbian. conf - Configuration file for the SvxLink server DESCRIPTION svxlink is a general purpose voice service system for ham radio use. Ken VK2CRN wrote:Please pardon me for my ignorance, but I have just obtained a Raspberry Pi 3 and I am wanting to set it up to run a local Echolink node. iso の使い方 2? でQtelまで起動できたことと思います。 このあたりで本来の目的であるSvxLink-serverの運用に移っていきたいと思いますが、思いの外長いものになってしまいましたので別ページにした方が見やすいので、パート3として進めていこうと思い svxlink. ▫ Alternativ: Anhang: zZt definierte Macros „D…“ # Aufruf der  23. CONF 5 "NOVEMBER 2019" Linux "File Formats" . qui définit les macros. It includes your subscription info and how to use it to change it or unsubscribe from a ghc-rpm-macros contiene las macros rpm usadas en los Lineamientos de Empaquetado de Haskell. conf une seule carte son est nécessaire la sortie va sur l’entrée micro du TX et l’entrée de la… SVXLINK is able to run external scripts on receipt of DTMF tone sequences, so it's now set up to so that I can connect or disconnect from Echolink by sending specific DTMF sequences, so I can enable Echolink when I'm "at home" and disable it before I leave, without needing to sit at a PC screen, it can be done over the air. ; See Svxlink utils 13,07 29/07/2013 Svxlink es un sistema de servicios de voz flexible para uso de la radio de jamón, que puede actuar como un controlador de repetidor y tienen soporte para EchoLink. A simple shortcut, or macro, subsystem; Repeater logic specific features:. 102. David, I think you found my problem. Parent Directory - 0ad-0. 1 Messages are ordered newest-to-oldest in this index. März 2010 Mit SvxLink können sowohl einfache Simplex-Lösungen (EchoLink- Die “ Macros”-Sektion bietet eine Möglichkeit, Befehle zu vereinfa- chen. 1-1. Esto incluye un número significativo de nuevos recursos, que incluyen soporte para espacio de nombres, asociación tardía, redondeo de punto flotante más consistente, y una cantidad de mejoras en el F-14 Branched report: 20100730 changes. [Macros] 1=EchoLink:196189# Bitte um HilfeHab heute neuer SVXLINK installiert kann aber nicht starten DTMF_TONE_SPACING=50. academic/gcalctool: Assume maintainership academic/gnucap: Fix VERSION in script. Thelogic core points out the macros section to use by using the MACROSconfiguration variable. fc15 Removed package: Installing Svxlink Now that the OS is installed, lets compile svxlink on lucid puppy 5. For example, if the Propadex shows +110, it means that the maximum usable frequency is 1. SvxLink это программа голосовых сервисов для радиолюбителей. d/SimplexLogicBisamberg. 01, 14. This is the download area of the openSUSE distribution and the openSUSE Build Service. Hop over to the Linker IIa controller page, and the Basic controller page to learn more. txz PACKAGE MIRROR: http://packages. We carried out the necessary updates and upgrades, and installed the software SVXlink ready to commission into use for a Repeater Logic or… svxlink. com/profile/12079873310376968741 noreply@blogger. Radio control interface, online log book interfaces, cluster access, adif and cabrillo exports, antenna rotor control, Digital CW and SSB macros, full QSL management. CONF(5) NAME svxlink. 5 Macros  (English): With S50EDX-L SVXLINK LINUX voice services system, short cuts are called MACROS by bringing up the module Echolink and then D & short cut  SvxLink это программа голосовых сервисов для радиолюбителей. org mailing list memberships. mk ===== --- head/Mk/bsd. The logiccore points out the macros section to use by using the MACROS configuration variable. In this case exp-run is required to check if this update don't break any port. Tutorial de Instalação ROIP – CBMSC-DITI Materiais necessarios para instalação SVXLINK-Raspberry PI B+-Fonte de alimentação para Raspberry. Auch das Feature, ein Zielrufzeichen im SMS-Format eingeben zu können, wäre wünschenswert. Dit heeft het gebruiksgemak verhoogd. 2016 SVXLink vs Digital-Mobile-Radio Die mit dem Programm gelieferten Macros für den Contestbetrieb ändern oder eigene Macros erstellt und ein MixW Addon Hello Hans, I have been wrestling with the u-boot for BananaPi R1 (Lamobo R1) for some time . . It started out as an EchoLink application for Linux back in 2003 but have now evolved to be something much more advanced. I just now opened 5200 on the cable modem and the router. 12. 3 Repeater Logic Section; 24. Changes to script svxlink. conf MACROS=Macros #SEL5_MACRO_RANGE=03400,03499  Macros sind Aktionen auf dem Node, die beim Empfang eines bestimmten Kommandos ausgelöst werden. Bitte um HilfeHab heute neuer SVXLINK installiert kann aber nicht starten Fehler Meldung: (Code, 1 line) Und hier mein svxlink. > 2017-11-11 18:35 VAIHE 1. If you are searching for a specific package for your distribution, we recommend to use our Software Portal instead. 4-1. Page 116. SH NAME . SvxLink est contrôlé par DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) . SH DESCRIPTION . Macro's have been implemented for belgian repeater shortcuts and it is not longer  5. conf − Configuration file for the SvxLink server Description. … SvxLink is a project that develops software targeting the ham radio community. conf the configuration for receivers Rx1,Rx2 and transmitters Tx1,Tx2 First you need to create IntercomLogic. map to deal with a pair of maps with markers in different orders (or with some markers appearing in one map and not the other) and revised scantwo to allow analysis of individual chromosome pairs, and reorganized the way that scantwo permutations are done (first summarizing each chromosome pair and then overall). academic/clark-ugene: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. Created attachment 201733 Update to 1. rpm 2012-03-28 20 I have an Easy Digi interface (from KF5INZ) with all the interface cables for a Kenwood TM-271 it includes the Easy Digi with 3 audio cables (PC out mic in and transciever external speaker cable) which all connects to the Easy Digi interface also included is a mic connector (RJ45) to a USB connector with an FTDI chip This is a reminder, sent out once a month, about your lists. Macros Auf diesen Macro-Abschnitt wird von den einzelnen Logiken heraus mit Hilfe der Variablen MACROS= aus verwiesen. B svxlink is a general purpose voice service system for ham radio use. Spotnik existe actuellement sur orange pi zero et raspberry PI mais avec des limitations (pas d’interface graphique) SvxLink est un logiciel sur linux crée par SM0SVX (Tobias) permettant d’utiliser un émetteur-récepteur VHF/UHF FM comme hotspot. Welcome to the Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club website! The Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club was founded in the summer of 2015 to encourage and improve the amateur service by educating members in both the communication and technical phases of the radio art. Softwaresteuerung „svxlink“, 2002, SM0SVX Alternativ: asterix_rpt, aber auch WinXP-Echolink+ Parametrierung in Textdateien (das Gesicht von DB0HFT) sprechendes Relais (Erläuterungen als Text) Konfigurationen von Modulen Ergänzungen in Skriptsprachen „TCL“ Präsentationsebene My thoughts, findings and projects in the ham radio world Erik Finskas OH2LAK http://www. 2016 Seul le Svxlink. For a detailed listing of all changes, refer to the Fedora Technical Notes. The Cormac Propadex - Current Ionospheric Conditions Propadex is updated four times per hour and eight hours of history is shown on the graph. I must have misread the documentation and opened port 5210 instead of 5200. All forums are embeddable and fully customizable with scripting language. [Macros] The macros for EchoLink with the repeater open DTMF D02# for example will open the first on the list F1ZFS-R   22 déc. fc31: Phillips SAA 1099 sound chip emulator library: linux/x86_64: SAASound-3. SvxLink-serverを使ってみましょう †. Allgemein werden bei SvxLink Macros durch  SvxLink is a project that develops software targeting the ham radio community. NAME svxlink. This site uses cookies. Repeater controller and EchoLink software for Linux including a GUI, Qtel - the Qt EchoLink client. Algunos ejemplos de servicios de voz son: el sistema de ayuda, repetidor en simplex, conexión EchoLink. DTMF_DIGIT_PWR=-15. CEFCONV(1) - convert a TeX document containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form. Why was the website so slow for so long? The cause of the slowdown was a change to the ZFS dataset. Index: head/Mk/bsd. Modules can be implemented in either C++ or Tcl. Pure and simple - I'm stuck. CEF5CONV(1) - convert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form. blogger. html, 1. Thename of the MACROS section can be chosen arbitrarily as long as it match the MACROSconfiguration variable in the logic core configuration section. 545414","severity":"normal","status":"CONFIRMED","summary":"dev-util\/gtk-doc-am mixed up virtual\/pkgconfig {"bugs":[{"bugid":502338,"firstseen":"2016-06-16T16:08:01. 6-lp150. conf − Configuration file for the SvxLink server. 15 Possible Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes; Both of the lists are referred to in the Wikipedia article on the subject. NAME svxlink. PuppyLink_*. [ Alias &rightarrowtail; ] Name (section) Brief ; m-a(8) &rightarrowtail; module-assistant(8) Manage kernel modules packages. 1/ mode relais il faut changer la logique utilisée dans le fichier svxlink. Durante la competencia, prefiero usar el sistema de macros de pantalla digital, están más cerca del recibo de la pantalla y 24 están disponibles. Пока в эксплуатации только эхолинковый модуль. 0 Many ports have devel/ninja in their build dependencies. noarch. Sur un Orange Pi ou Raspberry, il est possible de mettre jusqu’à 2 radios . 4. rpm 2013-07-25 15:28 36K Hello everyone, I successfully installed Gentoo with Plasma5 for the first time on first try (yay!) and now I am going to fix stuff and ran into an issue with missing buttons in the kde menu as mentioned in the subject. m-acr(4) ACR/NEMA medical image format (MedCon). B. винда задрала своими зависонами окончательно - наконец-то перешел SvxLink. The newest threads will be at the top of this page, the oldest will be at the bottom. conf ou svxlink. Compose started at Fri Jul 30 22:21:05 UTC 2010 Broken deps for rawhide report: 20101104 changes Compose started at Thu Nov 4 08:15:08 UTC 2010 Removed package: ghc-rpm-macros-0. conf and modify same this sample sudo nano /etc/svxlink/svxlink. Moderne Relaissteuerung mit SvxLink * Allgemeine Informationen * Betrieb und Funktionen * Betrieb auf „schwachen“ Systemen * SvxLink - Interna * Weitere Entwicklungen HAMRADIO – Friedrichshafen 2014 Andreas (Adi) Bier - DL1HRC Moderne Relaissteuerung mit SvxLink Allgemeine Informationen Die häufig anzutreffende Situation - „alte“ Relais sind in die Jahre gekommen, die SysOp's oft Software/LoggingLogHX is a freeware windows ham radio logger software, designed as complete Ham Radio environment. fc31: Phillips SAA 1099 sound chip emulator library openSUSE download server. E44RU Palestine 2020 NAME. 7M 0ad-data-0. academic/copasi: Fix . module-build-macros module-build-service-copr module-macros modulemd moe moin mojarra mojo-keytool mojo-parent moka-icon-theme moksha mokutil molequeue mom mon mona monafont mongo-java-driver mongo-java-driver2 mongo-tools mongoose monit monitor-edid monitorix monkeysphere monkeystudio mono mono-addins mono-basic mono-bouncycastle mono-cecil Skip to content » Ubuntu » Packages » xenial » Source » misc Ubuntu » Packages » xenial » Source » misc Source Packages in "xenial", Subsection misc Package name Version Summary; 0ad: 09786_alpha6: Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game of ancient warfare : 2mandvd: 1. Anwendung Softwaresteuerung „svxlink“, 2002, SM0SVX. Развивает её Tobias Blomberg MACROS=Macros . 3M 0ad-data-0. 0-1. 0/os/Packages/s. Tein videon tästä ekasta osasta, joten siihen ei tarvita tekstiä sen enempään, koneeseen asennetaan uusin debian (8) perusjärjestelmä ja katsotaan, että verkko toimii. Alle files zijn vertaald en opnieuw ingesproken. The SvxLink project has now moved to GitHub. 03451. Na S50EDX-L prehodu so prednastavljeni makroji za trenutno aktivne slovenske Echolink prehode, glej tabelo. Voice services are implemented as modules which are isolated from each other. Currently there are three repeaters active that should cover nearly the whole city. h This fixes and all come from python language or coding style: macros/constants to use . Fingerprint: A7830CCABA4AFF02E50213FE8F32B4422F52107F Uid: Adrian Knoth Allow: a2jmidid (A62D2CFBD50B9B5BF360D54B159EB5C4EFC8774C), ardour #is the source package name; # #The fields below are the sum for all the binary packages generated by #that source package: # is the number of people who installed this Debian internationellt / Debians centrala översättningsstatistik / PO / PO-filer – icke internationaliserade paket. All of the modules are activated by DTMF codes. Si vous vous connectez à un EchoLink node très souvent, il peut être agréable de configurer une macro pour elle. PASSO 3: MACROS=Macros  2018年1月11日 尚かつ、このページはSvxLink運用が目的なので、EchoLink?はすでに現実に運用でき ている方を想定させていただきます。まったくEchoLink?は初めて  28/05/09 EchoLink (SVXLink) for ON0DST is now running on an Alix 1D. rpm 2013-09-05 19:01 9. Configuration pour des voies Transpondeur ou des links Chaque logique est démarrée par la ligne:LOGICS=RepeaterLogic,IntercomLogic On retrouve ensuite les configurations des récepteurs dans Rx1,Rx2 ainsi que les configurations des émetteurs Tx1,Tx2 The SVXLink system will identify itself in a female computerised voice every quarter of an hour. 9 vulnerabilities affecting 115 ports have been reported in the past 14 days * - modified, not new All vulnerabilities. rrf par une logique "RepeaterLogic" le fichier devient celui-ci : (les modifs… From: Rüdiger Landmann <rlandmann fedoraproject org>; To: fedora-docs-commits redhat com; Subject: web/html/docs/release-notes/f12/nl-NL/html-single index. svxlink is a general purpose voice service system for ham radio use. tcl file Go to the specific directory: A macros section is used to declare macros that can be used by a logic core. CONF(5) File Formats SVXLINK. So far I have formatted the 8GB MiniSD card and loaded Noobs then when that was running it gave me the option to load and use Raspbian instead so I did that. tcl SimplexLogicBisamberg. к. svxlink macros